...Bragle is clearly a singer of intense musical perceptiveness, as she vividly reveals in the central aria of BWV 11, Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen, ‘Ach, bleibe doch, mein liebstes Leben’ , where the recording picks up an almost whispering quality to her voice which I find utterly irresistible.    ” - Marc Rochester

— International Record Review

...the distinctive vocal quality and penetrating emotion of Meg Bragle’s ‘Ach, bleibe doch’ in the Ascension Oratorio suggests that she could become a sought-after artist.” - Lindsay Kemp

— Gramophone Magazine

...the warmly expressive Meg Bragle...” - Paul Riley

— BBC Music Magazine

The soloists are without exception magnificent. The highlight of the disc for me is a spine-tingling performance of the oratorio’s alto aria, “Ach, bleibe doch,” in which a singer begs Christ to remain on Earth just a while longer. Bach later reappropriated this music for the Agnus Dei of his B-minor Mass. The Latin setting is its better-known incarnation, but the combination of the oratorio’s personally expressive German text, accompanied by a sighing violin line and stammering continuo, makes the aria even more powerful than in the Mass, and Meg Bragle’s touchingly earnest performance might just be enough to convert even the staunchest disbeliever.    ” - Jonathan Rhodes Lee

— San Francisco Classical Voice